Dress signing day!!

For Christie's last day of school, they were all allowed to sign their uniforms. I am a little apprehensive about "muck up day!" after the Xavier College thing, I am surprised the school is allowing the students to go ahead with it! There is always a small group that will go too far! Christie and her friends have planned a funny skit for their performance.

2 more sleeps!

until my retreat!! woo hoo. I cannot wait. I tried to get some things organised last night but I felt so ill, I couldn't get off the couch. I thought it may have been appendicitis! Yeah that would be right......rushed off to hospital....NOOOOOOO I am going on a retreat! how awful. anyway I am feeling a little better.

I have made up three sketches for a friend as she has RETREAT FREEZE when she goes away and sits and stares at CARDSTOCK for hours........She is driving me so its the least I can do!
My little Paddy won TERRIFIC KID at assembly! For being terrific in everything he did.
Oh well, while I have a few minutes to spare, I might go and look for photos for my retreat.
see ya :0)

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