My baby is home safely! & so is Aden!

My camera is home.....and so is Aden taller I am thinking! He had a ball with his Uncle Steven & Auntie Treacy. I have a heap of washing (which is nothing unusual!). I had a great weekend for my birthday. (Thanks Sue M in UK for your email & remembering!!!) I could finally walk again. I had a pinched nerve in my back and couldn't walk for 2 days....so painful. My beautiful girlfriends came and took me out for lunch to my favourite restaurant but I was too sick and couldn't eat anything :( I have been taking so many pictures and I will share, but I haven't loaded the camera's program to upload then here.

On the weekend, I went to an 18th 21st & 50th (broke now). they were all fun but I was glad to get home to my bed. Such an OLD FART now!

On Friday, (coz I couldn't walk until I saw the Chiro) I finished a couple of LO & cards.

Going to be soooo soo busy as swimming starts tonight! The phone has rang off the hook and I think the summer months people want to book in. Good for me though.

More later

see ya :)

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~Nancy~ said...

Love your new creations!!! Gorgeous.. all details are so perfect! Have a great Monday! XOXO