What a hectic week so far! I have had nearly every teacher call in sick, have exams or on leave travelling O/S. Christie (thank goodness) has taken up the slack and taken most of the classes WHILE trying to study and battle a headcold! I have taken the rest so we are both waterlogged. It is a very CALM household here, there are no tantrums and meltdowns and everything SEEMS to be going to plan. First exam on Monday so send through your positive vibes....especially you Geordie guys.
Still getting everything back to normal from the retreat. I had a great time and achieved not as much as I'd hoped but happy all the same. I have to finish one or two things and then I will share (soon Sue).
I got my circle journal back from Sharon yesterday and I am very happy with everyone's contribution.

The light got really bad so I haven't taken any shots of the inside. Later........My theme for the CJ was 1987-2007 Then & Now. A lot of people in the group found this theme really hard. Two people who had joined haven't completed the pages (or anyones elses) and I don't think they will either. Don't join if you are NOT going to commit! :( I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and would love to do another one. So if you want to join in, let me know.

We are going to the beach for the long weekend for our PROGRESSIVE DINNER PARTY. I am on entree this year and I am preparing (CLOSE YOUR EYES MICHELLE) potato & leek soup with some fresh dinner rolls. I am actually MAKING this with my own hands......not particularly FOND of cooking BUT I am starting from scratch................more on THAT later!

Going to bed as I am stuffed. won't be so long until the next one mum!

see ya :)

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