MUCK UP DAY......all is well!

I have just attended our schools MUCK UP DAY and I must say they all looked fantastic! So much effort was put into all their costumes. Christie and her friends were dressed up as Nintendo's Mario Kart and they all looked fabulous! After getting up at 4.00 am, she is pretty tired and catching some zzzzzzz as I type (safe in her MESSY bedroom!!!! ahhh) NOW for the serious stuff!!! Don't mean to be a party pooper......but concentrate for the next 12 days! IT'S ONLY 12 DAYS.......EXAMS and 6 months off to party......until the money runs out!

Two LO from the fancy pants papa range.
gotta go and get ready
1 more sleep!!!!


Sharon said...

Wow Ange, these two layouts are fantastic. Love any boyish layouts with a bit of grunge! Fab job and have a great weekend away!

Anonymous said...

Looks like she had a great day!!! Takes me back...lol.
Love the LO's!!