last lot of swimming news I promise!

Aden competed at CAS (Catholic All Schools) state swimming championships and he was
so proud of himself as he broke the 30! 29.87 for his freestyle. He came 2nd in his heat and 9th overall. Breaststroke he came 3rd in his heat and 10th overall. The boys freestyle relay, he was the first swimmer came in 3rd! He was so happy to medal! I have never seen him so happy! well done Aden! That is the last of the swimming news folks.....until next year! It will be all footy and basketball for the next few months!
My friend has launched her own web site Bella Concetti and she did Christie's deb make up last year and wanted Christie to model some make up for a photographer to use on her website. Christie is very happy with the photos and I think one is actually her facebook avatar atm. Some have very dramatic looking make up and some soft and subtle! No prizes for guessing what she liked! Christie had an absolute ball and is even considering ditching uni and becoming a photographic model!

No scrapping to show atm but I want to give a HUGE congratulations to NAT for her gorgeous LO on the front cover of SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES this month! Awesome effort! and so well deserved too!

any way I am off to dream when I shall get a cover...........

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Melleny Ams said...

Wow what a super acheivement. You must be very proud.