up up and away.........

Today Aden started his actual flying lessons. Last Saturday, he did all this theory lessons. Well not all! as much as he could before he would be let loose on a aircraft! He was quite excited and when he saw the dark and cloudy sky this morning, he was beginning to get worried that they would cancel! No chance! His instructor was a lovely man who understood that this proud mummy wanted to record this momentous occasion in her little boy's life! and LET me take photo's! I was snapping away like I was the paperazzi! Aden really loved his time up there and cannot wait to get back!

That's my boy up there!!!!!

I could of gone shopping (DFO) was nearby. BUT I had half a doz scrap mags a cup of tea and 2 hours to myself! went in a flash! pity I didn't have any supplies with me, I could have whipped up a couple in a flash!

see ya :)


Sharon said...

Oh my lord Ange! I hate flying and that plane looks smaller than Aden and he just fits in! Man, I don't know if I could watch my son go up in that little thing but congrats! He looks mighty proud.

Melleny Ams said...

Wow, that is super exciting!!! The photos are great - I'm sure we will be seeing these soon :)