well rested! & Happy Easter!

Friday was my very special friend's birthday. Happy Birthday Lee! Mark, the boys and I went to Ocean Grove for the Easter Break and it was just wonderful! The weather was brilliant! Mark and I watched a couple of seasons of How I met your mother (Christie's friend left them here!) not a bad sit com. The boys went to the beach and surfed the whole time. We went out for dinner with friends for Easter Sunday lunch, which was fabulous and relaxing!
That is a whole lotta ocean!!!!! isn't it Our golden rule for the boys when they surf is, "Make sure there is a couple of people ahead of you coz if there is a shark.........they will get them first!" good to see Aden has listen to my pearls of wisdom!....

Patrick had a go this time and really enjoyed himself. He didn't find it too had to catch a wave and stay up. Didn't take too long for him to get bored though and just play in the sand and make sand angels!

The golden child didn't really want to exert himself this week end... he was quite content to chill on the beach and watch.... he was missing his laptop I think!

see ya :)

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