I received this email yesterday

hi angela

i just want to let u know on a personal basis how proud you should be of aden
yesterday i dont know how many parents came up to me giving aden a big wrap
he has a group of young boys that totally admire him and he is a great mentor for them

many people commented on his reffing ability and i just thought i would let you know all this because many people are quick to tell us when our children stuff up but not the good things
so from one mum to another be proud he is a top kid.
It brought a tear to my eye! It is so nice to for this person to take the time to contact me and give me this feedback about my child. Sometime people are so quick to criticise and let you know if they do something wrong. Mark and I are so very proud of him.
He also won a team award at presentations (which we couldn't get to ) and things are falling into place for him and rightly so!
had an Easter challenge this week. Sneaky Bilby hid clues in the forum for us to find. The clues (some, were NOT that easy to find) told us what the LO should have on it. Here is my entry. This is Christie with my brother her Uncle Steven whom she adores (although she doesn't look it in the photo LOL) The photo was taken in 1991 so they have both changed a lot since then. The pp is MME Laundry Line just gorgeous. the photo doesn't do it justice.

see ya:)

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