Two little cards for now. One for my parents wedding anniversary and another for a 40th we went to on Saturday night.
Aden, Lachlan, Ben (my nephew) and Fraser (their friend) all did the Run for the Kids on Sunday. My girlfriend and I drove them in to Melbourne for the race and while we were waiting we went out for brekkie! yummo. I made a start to go to the finish line so I could cheer Aden on and he flew passed me and I didn't have my camera ready and I missed getting a photo of him grrr! anyway I positioned myself near the finish line to cheer on the boys and they weren't too far behind Aden, probably 15 minutes. It was so lovely to see them all link arms together and cross the finish line together throwing their arms up in the air! magical! I am in awe of anyone that can RUN for 15 k's what a massive achievement! I am so proud of all of them. There is such a festival atmosphere and it can be quite emotional watching people who are in teams (in remembrance of a lost loved one) pass the finish line or people who are competing burst into tears at finishing! I love seeing the proud smiles of people who have beaten their times. I have only one gripe, however! If 30,000 people all paid $35 for the run you would think they would have a WORKING clock so people could see their times as they went through the gantry!
see ya :)

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