All these years

I have been using the Marriage Certificate I was issued by the priest when I got married. Only to find out today that it is just a "piece of paper" I have to apply to the Birth, Death & Marriages for the REAL THING! I have been protecting that thing like it was gold! It was with all my important documents to grab in case of a fire! Does that mean we are not really married lol can I get my money back.....nah only joking. Well JOKE is on you bureaucracy! It has got me every official thing I own in my married name! ha ! when I had a real look at it today, it doesn't even have a number on it!

A couple of gorgeous girls are having birthdays this month so I made these last night and a few extras! I WAS watching LOST! maybe that is why I am so "lost" to the plot of this show, I should have been watching and at least it would have made more sense!

take care & Happy Easter :)

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Cecilia Archer said...

HI Angela,
It was great to meet you on the weekend, I enjoyed your company and loovved your LO's and Cards.
I just went and checked my Marriage Certificate, and I too have been using the one with no # on it,I seem to remember something about getting one from BDM so I will start the hunt for it, as we are considering getting passports to either go to Fiji or Phueket.Have read about your holiday, do you have any suggestions or do's or don'ts??? Have enjoyed your blog ,but its now time to catch up on the house work,will be back to check out further posts..