I have one of those mirrors.....

that when you look into it at your reflection....you think, "Well I don't look THAT bad"........ well my mirror LIES! & I blame scrapbooking! every spare moment I scrap! I used to do things like...........MOVE! I went shopping today with my SIL and those Myer dressing room mirrors are unforgiving! no wonder I haven't bought any clothing for ages....too depressing. I resolve to lose some weight before the retreat. I am going to my friend's daughter's wedding and my son's deb and I wanted to get an outfit that would be acceptable for both. I bought a beautiful Anthea Crawford top and black pants. I have never worn pants to anything formal so this will be interesting! My SIL is frustrated with me because I only tried on a few things and she has been looking for ages! I am over clothes shopping, I really hate the thought of trying things on. No scrap shopping....well that is a different matter!
The kids have been chilling. Patrick bought himself a fluro hat which HE thinks he looks COOL in! There has been no basketball training only footy training and their first game is this Sunday...well I can kiss goodbye to Sundays for the next 14 weeks (barring finals!) Need to have a really good sleep in before school starts.
anyway might go and do this weeks CCG
take care :)


Melleny Ams said...

I am hearing you!!! I hate those mirrors, at least you found something to wear.

Anonymous said...

Mirrors?...haven't seen one of those in years...lol. Love the hat :). Show us the outfit Ange!!!