just tidy it up............

I asked my hubby to trim the hydrangeas because every time I walked passed them, I would flick the person behind me and it was annoying with the flowers hanging over the walkway!...... Well let him alone with secateurs and WATCH OUT! not sure if it even is the right time to cut them back! They weren't that good anyway, ever since a stupid person put some lime in the soil they have been rubbish! When we moved in they were magnificent......anyway.

Haven't really had any time to be creative! just a few cards and LO's. I sent a thank you card to the school for the lovely flowers (that are still booming lovely!) a quicky I swear!

A couple of LO. I love wordle I have used it for Patrick's grade 6 book and I will show later.

I have finished a couple of acceptance cards and I shall upload later (after they have been posted). Got a terrible headache so going to get off now.

see you later :)

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