Busy day again today!

Why does everything have to happen on a Friday!!!????? That is my only day where I can scrap and NOT feel guilty that I haven't washed, vacuumed, dusted, blah blah blah. Today Aden Lachlan & Patrick all had their interschool athletics carnivals at two different places (!) I spent the day driving from one place to the other to watch them compete in all their events. It cost me a fortune in KFC lunches, powerades (good for hydration mum!) and natural food co. snakes & water!!!
Patrick was only in long jump. Don't know how! I think he has only ever jumped 4 times in his life! anyway he jumped and came equal second! I couldn't believe it and neither could he! anyway he was pleased with himself.
Aden was in the 1500 and didn't look right from the start, I thought maybe he was injured or something but no he was fine and finished 4th. He was also in the 800 and finished 2nd and will compete at CAS.
Lachlan was in the 100 m 4 x 100 relay and long jump. He ditched his 100m (gave it to someone else) because, "I am a distance runner mum!" and as you can see from the photo below...........his heart wasn't really in the relay!

Don't know how he came in the LJ as I couldn't see it from where I was sitting. 4th I think he said. Very happy they compete and have fun and enjoy themselves.

Going to my friend's daughter's 18th on Sunday and I made this card yesterday. It matches the acceptance I made (a few posts ago) I also made the box to put her little prezzie in. Doesn't match because I cannot find the paper anywhere ugg! A nice surprise as I saw on 3 Angels Scrapping today that the card and the acceptance got Layout of the week! woo hoo.

anyway take care

see ya :)

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