It was such a nice surprise

to receive these lovely flowers from St.Anne's Primary School for helping with the swimming sports. I have been involved now for the last 10 years and it is time to hand over the reins! It is not a hard job, but it is very time consuming and especially when parents (who think their children are better than they are!) blast you for not putting their kiddies in certain events! I have loved doing it and especially being involved with the fantastic staff at the school. I won't miss the early morning training sessions though!
A little LO of Lach and his obsession with his blankie when he was little. I desperately wanted to use this photo of Lachlan, but I didn't want his brothers in the photo. I am happy that I have learned to use the healing tool. I can't find the original on the computer atm, but I will upload later and show the before and after shots.
see you later :)

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