time to myself...yay!

Today we went to Lachlan's domestic basketball grand final and after a pretty hard and even match, the boys come away with a win! They were pretty happy with themselves, particularly as they are all bar one, bottom age players. It was an exciting match to watch and I thought they weren't going to win for a while there.
The boys went to the Men's Jets game and Christie went to her friend's 18th and I was home alone! OMG it was fantastic! I got Christie's apple and watched 2 dvds and had a glass of red and I was in heaven. :)
The journalling has to go on this LO :- As you embark on a new phase of your life, remember that you will only get out of this adventure, what you put in. So try your hardest and reap the rewards. OR something like that! The only thing is I don't know where to put it now.... If I put it on the right, It will look too heavy :( might put it on the left round the blocks. Anyway really crappy photo (well it IS 1.40 am) couldn't be bothered waiting for better light tomorrow. take my word for it the Marakesh orange is divine and the PP is just beautiful IRL.
A little thank you card for Lachlan's team manager and a birthday card for my stash. productive night.
Oh Yeah....you may have wondered what the hell the geese and ducks were doing in my previous post. Well they are residents of our school! They think they own the joint and well...actually they do! If you run over one whist driving your kiddies to school well I reckon they would put your name in the newsletter and expel your child! seriously. They came over to the oval during the athletics carnival and kept going on the track! it was hilarious well it kept ME entertained between events anyway......
going to bed now
see you later :)
PS A little picture of Molly because she is soooo cute!

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