A little more swimming news!

Aden and Lachlan swam at the CAS swimming sports on Tuesday night and I was really proud of both of them. Aden swam a beautiful free and breaststroke and came 3rd in both and second in his free relay. Lachlan, who has claimed backstroke as his new best stroke came 2nd in back, 3rd in free and breast. I am thrilled that considering, they only really swim once a year, they do OK.
Patrick and I headed off to zone swimming on Wednesday and was in two individual events. So proud of Partick, he did a PB in his freestyle and came 4th and his breaststroke after a shaky start came 5th. We didn't have to wait around for the finals nor a relay so we headed off for a lovely lunch date together! (had to celebrate my 20 years with somebody!) Patrick decided to reward himself with a Wii game and we headed home.
We were going to go out for dinner, but with all the running around, there is never really a good time. I cooked a beautiful roast (and for those who know me......It REALLY was nice! ya can't stuff up a roast!) and we will probably head out for dinner on Sat night. I got the kids to take some photos of Mark & I. I have found that I like to be at the back (makes me look skinnier!) and I push Mark forward, makes my head look smaller! We must have taken 15 photos and I look crap in all of them....The day I take a nice photo I am having it blown up and framed!
anyway here a few of the better ones.

I got my hands on a copy of the new Stampin' Up catalogue. OMG it is fantastic! I want it all. Had a quick look and had about 22 things on my wish list! There are some fantastic samples in there as well. Like I need anything else! I have decided to clean out my scrap cupboard. I have found things that I'd forgotten I'd bought! I am trying to be an organised person but let me tell you......I am failing miserably. There are some things that you just can't change!

Anyway back to the cleaning...:(

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