well I am back rested but certainly NOT tanned!

Our little break to Cairns and Sufers Paradise was just fabulous! I had the best time with our friends and we certainly "helped the elephants" (corks!) the weather in Cairns was lovely! especially since Melbourne was bitterly cold and almost snowing (my kids kept telling me lol)
We went to Mosman Gorge which was just beautiful.
Then on to Port Douglas for lunch! fabulous day with fabulous friends!
We left on Sunday to meet up with the little boys (they are nearly 15 and 13! but will always be the littlies! LOL) in Surfers Paradise and after 4 beautiful days in Cairns....I was FREEZING!!! Lachlan and Patrick thought it was balmy! nearly snowing in Melbourne mum!
We rented a car and headed off to our apartment but it wasn't ready so we had some lunch and Lachlan had some "I haven't got a ball in my hand withdrawal!" so we bought him a soccer ball and headed to the beach.  This was probably the only really nice day and the kids attempted to go in...well Patrick did!
We went to Dreamworld and had a ball! Lachlan and I did all the fast and scary rides and we even went on the Giant Drop! the ultimate in SCARY.  Patrick TRIED to overcome his fear and Mark didn't even bother to overcome his!   He just followed us around all day and held the sunnies and the camera! 
The next day we decided to dump the husband and go to Movieworld! (he met a friend for lunch) We went on the Superman ride first and it was brilliant and talked Patrick into going on it which he did at 5.00 when the park was closing and LOVED it! we quickly ran around and went on it again before the line closed.  Very proud of him!
How freakin' scary is Batman! The kids wouldn't let me take any other photos with the characters as they are too cool for that now! 
HATE HATE HATE waiting in line for every bloody ride! an hour and more for every one it was so annoying!  I learnt my lesson and took my book on the second day... went really fast!
anyway back home and ready for the onslaught for term 3!


aussiescrapper said...

Oh Ange this sounds like you had a fabulous time, please don't take offence but because you guys are used to the cold we can usually pick the southerners out swimming this time of year. Good for you, I have heard about how cold it's been for you down south. I cannot imagine waiting over an hour for a ride, but this mum had better get used to the idea, Nate will probably go to a theme park later this year for the first time. I bet you have stacks of photos now to scrap, cannot wait to relive the journey with you and yes Batman does look super scary, and doesn't look at the camera, very real looking. Love to you, welcome back to reality. Love Melxx

Susanne Perry said...

Great photos Ange

Kim said...

Thanks Ange for your lovely comment, sweome beach photos, so glad you had a great time

Sue Kohler said...

Glad you are back safe and sound! Your pics are wonderful, I am really surprised you found time to venture out and site see with all those corks popping!!! My fav pic is the one of you and mark- so sweet! :)