We are all heartbroken

our Bonnie passed away on Tuesday and after having her longer than two of my children, she was 16! life here will never be the same! Bonnie was never a bother and the high light of her life was being fed on time and following the sun everyday!
Christie got her for her 4th birthday and has loved her from that moment!
she even slept with her that night!
we have decided to bury her here as this was her home and have chosen a nice spot close to her
favourite chair. 


sandra said...

Oh Angela
I am so feeling it for you and your family at this time.
So sorry for your loss.
People who don't have pets truly do not understand the loss we feel when our pets pass away.
16 years is a great age to have reached, and so many precious memories.
We had to put our dog down (who reached 15) a few years ago and it was sooo hard.
hugs to you all.

RIP Bonnie

aussiescrapper said...

Oh no, I can only imagine how it must feel in the house at the moment. Oh dear friend I am so sorry, I know my old dog is 14 and I treasure him dearly, wow what a great age, and what wonderful memories, my old boy's highlights are meal time also, thinking about you, again time will heal but until then, just relish in the wonderful memories. Love to you, dear friend. Melxx

Helen Kinsela said...

Hugs to you and your family on the loss of a precious member of your family. 16 is a grand old age though and I'm sure your darling fluff ball was much loved and brought you all lots of joy.
On another note I see you've been busy having a fabulous holiday, and somehow finding time to scrap up a storm of gorgeous pages. Go girlfriend!
See you at Red Earth Scrapping soon 'eh.

Natalie said...

Big hugs Ange. Such a beautiful cat!!! I had my kitty for about the same time who sounded very much like Bonnie...following the sun.

Danielle said...

:( Sorry for your loss Ange. Thinking of you all.


Sue Kohler said...

What great pictures of your Bonnie! So sad that she has gone but memories never leave!!