Have You Missed Me?

Coz it has been a while.......... I haven't really had any time to pursue anything of interest. Just work work work work work work work.....get the picture! Should settle down by the end of this week (hopefully!!)
On the home front little Paddy had ANOTHER shiner! whacked in the eye at a Jets game. It is not as bad a the other time but quite tender all the same. He was hoping it would be nice and bruised to get the sympathy vote for Grade 6 captain. He won his grade's nomination against 2 other boys so keep your fingers crossed. It will be announced on Friday. stay tuned.
I haven't done ONE creative thing for 3AS I just haven't had a block of time that I can get right to it AND I sort of lost my mojo too I think. A lovely comment on my slide the other day was enough to spark me up and I have booked in Wednesday night (for myself) to get started.
I booked my flights for the Sydney retreat today! cannot wait to meet these people I feel like I already know them.
Now check this website out. It was one a blog I was looking at.....can't remember which one but it is so cool.

I had a little play......and I feel something arty coming on......

see you later :)

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