wow! twice IS nice!

Lachlan had his junior school swimming sport on Friday and has come away with Age Champion for the second year running! We are so proud of both Aden and Lachlan. For boys who
don't train at all, they do ok.

Still playing with PSE and I have merged a photo of Lachlan surfing with a huge tidal wave and I am really happy with the results! so is he I must say. Lachlan wants to put my effort on his myspace page and the others have requested some doctored basketball dunks a la Michael Jordan style. I am getting really confident and I've been told this is ONLY the basics! bring on intermediate I say.....

Need to do a massive cleanup before I get started on anything else. I need to prioritize again! Once the school swimming carnival is over I shall have more time!

thanks for stopping by :)

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