I love Photoshop Elements

I have been playing with photoshop elements. I have PSE6 and with these challenges I have been able to play. I must admit I have been finding it really difficult to understand the layers thing and then things disappear and size is a big issue too! Thank goodness for tutorials and Sharon Dale. I have bombarded this poor girl with questions and mostly over the phone too! Do you know how hard it is when someone says, "the thingy with the pointed doodah won't click when I change the layer part! My 72 text is tiny!" well she deciphered that and helped talk me through to some
assemblance of what I was supposed to achieve!
I really do love it and I can see it as an important part of my scrapping from now on! especially this new thing I learned yesterday (by myself!!!!!) It is called a healing tool and it can duplicate a piece of your picture and cover unsightly bits that could otherwise ruin a otherwise fantastic photo.

With these two photos, I just wanted to erase the foot on the right of the first photo and the man in the orange vest and the two witches hats.....well I got a bit carried away and erased the whole thing!

I have a beautiful photo of my boys together and just behind them is another boy's head. It really spoils the photo and when I find it (the photo) I will have a crack at it.

off to play :)

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