Had a productive day

today! My friends ditched me..... (you KNOW who you are!!!!!) I had to wait in all day for the man to install my new shower screen in the pool and you know tradies...........
So I got all the dvd's I wanted to watch and set myself up on the kitchen bench (the dining room table is too messy at the moment) and set to work! I have finished a couple of projects for 3AS and got a couple of cards done too!
My word for 2009 is PRIORITIZE (check a couple of posts back) I hope it is a z and not an 's' in there because that is how I have spelt it in everything! I have purchased some day planners and I write it all down and I am finding it working (so far) may be it is the Alzheimer's kicking in but I am really hopeless if I don't write it down.
I have been making some ATC's of my family with some history and personal details on the back. This is a little holder they will be housed in. Thanks Jen for all these tins, they have come in so handy! I used the other one for the money box.Hope you are all well! thanks for stopping by....

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