Holy COW!

Christie & I went to Vic Uni today to enrol and I swear you need a degree to understand everything! We had to go and get Lachlan's school books at Landmark and I waited in the line for 40 minutes while Christie got the booklist filled. I got to the register just as she finished! the only way to do it! two young girls fainted while I was there, poor things the heat was unbearable. They were passing out icy cold water bottles which was fantastic and very much appreciated! I got out of it quite cheap this year only had to buy new editions.
It was quite exciting to be enrolling and starting this new phase in her life....if only we could understand all that is required! electives, core subjects, tutorials, lectures, timetables, nothing set in concrete.....change if you want to.....HECS? or no HECS. whoa. It was so hard to choose the electives, trying to work out which subject would be of the most use to her. The course advisor was really helpful and agreed with her choices. Anyway, all done now and we just have to wait for the invoice (what the!) and she's apples!

SO HOT here, the kids and their friends are still in the pool...the only cool place to be I guess. Anyway heaps of work to do...so back to it.

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