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18.12.12 - Makes you feel Merry

FINALLY decided to do my Christmas shopping...... I left my house at 8.00 am I know!!! you cannot believe that right! I am NOT a morning person.  Got to Highpoint, armed with a wad of cash and NOT a CLUE of what to buy....  I wandered and wandered and looked and I refuse to buy things for the sake of having something....  
I wasn't feeling too MERRY let me tell you!  I did however discover gorgeous new shops and a new food hall and this shop in particular, I think it's a kiddies clothes boutique with an awesome bunting display in the window attached to a huge stick/twig and I loved it.  It was a really different Christmas decoration and I stared at it for ages admiring it ( and committing it to memory, so I can copy it next year...) 
It did put me in a better mood .....

19.12.12 - Something beginning with 'S'

SMILE!!!! I've made a Start ...... I actually bought this book for Mark a while ago.  It is the Jim Stynes biography.  He enjoys reading during the Christmas break and as we are fans of the Melbourne Football Club, I thought it would be perfect for him.  I actually forgot I had it. So it was the first present I've wrapped!

20.12.12 - Weather

Stunningly beautiful weather here today! actually, it has been beautiful weather all round!  I had to  pull over to snap this beautiful view as I was driving back in to my home town.  Yes, ok,  I have edited the photo just a little bit......lol

21.12.12 - TREE

Way back.....maybe October sometime, we had a MASSIVE storm and one of the trees in my back yard, snapped and fell down......and there it has stayed.......... Until Aden, bored (or wanting to play with the chainsaw) decided he was sick of waiting for dad to deal with it!
Please note, that AFTER I took the photo, I screamed at him to get protective goggles on!!!

22.12.12 - Decoration

Last year, I collected a few Christmas baubles from various places in the US and I asked Christie if she could get me a Christmas decoration from New York.  I LOVE this bauble!!! It has all the famous sites of the BIG APPLE hand painted all over and looks fabulous! LOVE it!!

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My Paper Epiphany said...

Hi Angela, I enjoyed your post. Great idea for a present - my hubby only reads the paper, but the Jim Steins bio would be a great inspirational read.
I must say, that as I get older I find it hard to cope with a hot Christmas - I'm so glad it is supposed to change by tomorrow.