December Photo A Day...

23.12.12-:  JOY 

I am not usually a stressed person, I am pretty easy going, but something about Christmas puts me in a terrible mood and a poor frame of mind! I find it hard to delegate, hence, the bad mood because I have to do everything myself....My OWN problem I know... :(  I really don't get in to the festive spirit and loving this time of year until Christmas Lunch!!  I really admire the people who have their cards done, baking done, presents beautifully wrapped and generally display goodwill to everyone they come across.  My daughter is one of THOSE people this year.  Christie has been working non stop, done all her shopping and has them all beautifully wrapped under the tree and really getting in to the spirit by dressing up for work (the poor dog even has to suffer this too..) It does bring me JOY to see her not carrying my MOODY Festive gene!!

24.12.12 :-  TRADITION

Every year I go to the Christmas Mass at our local Church.  There are so many people, it is held at a local basketball court. The two courts are packed to the brim with families with children so excited about tomorrow, the can't sit still. There were so many photo opportunities, but out of respect, I couldn't just whip my phone out!!!  I snapped the advent candles as I was walking out!! Mass was well and truly over!

25.12.12 :- LUNCHTIME

I really enjoy Christmas Day Lunch.  Everything has been bought, wrapped, unwrapped, loved or hated, peeled, cooked and dished up!  I am usually the last to sit down after I make sure everyone has a drink and their plate is full.  I often plonk down, have a sip of my champagne and let out a (thank goodness the hard part is over) sigh!!
I am grateful my family are with me and we are all together.

26.12.12:- MESS

HAHAHA not really a mess! Boxing Day we usually DO IT ALL AGAIN minus the fuss! The food is SO MUCH BETTER the next day and it is so so relaxing.  Today we all sat outside and had a few drinks, eating our platters of seafood,cold meats, pudding and summer fruits and watched the cricket! Typically Aussie!

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