December photo a day

December is the busiest time of the year for me so I DON'T know WHY I would start the photo a day!!!
FatMumSlim is a site I LOVE and I have decided to play along with the prompts she has going!  I have also enjoyed a Jessica Sprague class {MO}tography: Rock your camera phone.  Awesome ideas and Apps to try  that really jazz your photos.  I noticed this too. I haven't read this article (just bookmarked it for later reference... when I have some spare time.....LOL)

I am not going to upload every day (no time) so I will upload every couple of days.

December 1st: 8 o'clock

Every year we have a get together with Mark's old friends from high school (and some from Primary school). Usually it is a BBQ at a local park, but this year we decided a night time restaurant would be fun.  Everyone is spread out now, so we decided on a central to everyone restaurant.  Thalia Thai in Lygon Street was delicious with heaps of dishes and it was such a fun night catching up with friends.  So at 8 o'clock I was in a MAXI TAXI with my friends.  Here is the kicker though......my meal only cost $20 lol!

December 2nd :- PEACE

My daughter, Christie and her boyfriend Tom returned from two months in America.  The overwhelming feeling of relief when I saw her safely home is indescribable! I feel at peace now and I can get on with organising Christmas!


I resisted the urge to go with the cliché of a baby picture of one of my kids when they were younger and opted for the humorous approach.....  I drag this baby to the clothes line EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! sometimes twice, three times...  Having so many people in this family, there is always lots of washing!


I am SO JEALOUS of how photogenic my daughter, Christie is!!  I don't know if I am super critical of photos of myself or she has spent countless hours practicing a smile and camera face..... 
Christie has not put Molly down since she came home! The poor dog is just about fed up I think!!

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