More December Photo a Day....

back again! You wouldn't think taking a little snap with a prompt all ready for you would be that hard........
what was I thinking!!!!!

12.12.12: Hat

Nothing makes me happier than a kid doing homework without being told, asked, bribed or begged!!!  Loved walking outside to see Lachlan voluntary doing his holiday homework!
With his trademark Miami Heat hat.... helps him concentrate!! who cares..... he is doing it!!!

13.12.12 LIGHTS

Remember I said wasn't too sure the photo HAD to be from that day?! well I've made an executive decision, and I am using a photo I have if it suits my purpose! Last year, around this time, I was in America and when I got to Disneyland my camera decided to die..... :(  It was such a magical time and at least I had my IPHONE!!! At the end of the night, as we were leaving, it started to snow (soap bubbles I think they were) it was so cool and the kids loved it too.


A few years ago, I was given an extremely healthy China Doll tree.  I absolutely love this tree and its beautiful little purple flowers.  Well to cut a long story short.... I garden like I cook.......not very well!
Slowly, Mark and I noticed all the little purple flowers were falling off and it started looking sick.  Then it looked like is was being invaded by aliens.....  I was heartbroken.....and scared!! to tell her I killed her gorgeous tree! Anyway, we moved it from its place undercover, out in the sunshine and watered it and what do you know IT LIVES!!! You can't see from the artistic photo below but the gorgeous purple flowers  have started to come out again. I love this tree!

15.12.12 OUTDOORS

Nothing nicer than the lawns mowed and the washing on the line!   I often think its really sad that what makes my day, cheers me up and puts me in a fabulous mood is to get my washing out and back in, folded and put away in ONE DAY!  or to get my washing in just before it rains....


I made this banner last year. I am really happy that Mark actually put some nails in his beloved timber for me to hang it up!

17.12.12 ON THE FLOOR

I have taken a load of photos today. Nothing really grabbed me...  I was lying on the verandah with my camera pointing up and Patrick was watching me  through the window thinking I am nuts! I snapped him being silly.

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