I haven't even STARTED my Christmas shopping......... I used to LOVE shopping, but I hate leaving the house and trying to find a parking space, the ideal gift, the money to BUY the gift and then wrapping it...ARGGGGGGHHH not a fan of this time a year.  My favourite time is 6.00 pm Christmas EVE when I can't buy another thing and it's all wrapped and done and dusted.  I love Christmas Lunch after all the HooHar in the morning is over with.
I'm NOT a GRINCH, but I do feel, Christmas has gotten a little out of hand......(commercially speaking)

Anyway..there is always time to CRAFT! lol 

I saw a patchwork Christmas tree on Pintrest and I thought it would look fabulous in the paper version.  Not too happy with the photo but the branches are a lovely soft pool green....might take another photo if I get a chance.  I used the sewing machine to tie in with the patchwork theme lol.

Scrapbook Boutique has all the products used for this card along with instructions too.

Anyway better go and try and get through my TO DO list!
thanks for popping in! x


lostinpaper said...

Uber fab 'patchwork' tree, it's so clever! I'm not a great fan of the whole commercial side of christmas, but it is great to enjoy a nice feed with some friends and family. I'm working til 3.30pm this year, so I won't have to do too much anyway... maybe the clean up though lol!

Sue W said...

Oh now.....look at you!!! What a great design for a Christmas card.......Might just add this one to my favs. ready for next year! We're spending Christmas in a winery down your way......Looking forward to it too!
Merry Christmas!

chanya13 said...

Beautiful!!! Love your chrismastree :)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)