December photo a day......

Back again..... I just had a MASSIVE week and surprised myself that I was able to keep the PAD going!!

December 5th :- LOOKING UP

I really don't know what I was thinking when way back in March, I booked Lachlan in to have his wisdom teeth out!!  I had thought it would've been the second last week of swimming (which wouldn't have been so busy) WRONG!!! as December 1st fell on a Saturday the second Saturday was this week..(we traditionally finish up the second Saturday!!)  Thank goodness Aden was on hand to help and he played lolly/certificate/money man for the morning!  Surgery went well and I have learnt that I suck big time in getting anywhere out of my home town.........


Good old Vegemite!!! Christie rang me rather early on in her USA trip and told me she was having Vegemite withdrawals!  I considered sending over a care package as she left me details of the hotels she would be staying at.  By the time I got around to actually doing it, she would've been in Hawaii and home soon.  Non Aussies..... this stuff is addictive!

December 7th: STARS

I made this little Christmas countdown tree years ago (for you scrappers out there you will know the date by the BG range! lol)  I loved it when I finished it and the kids loved changing the date every day and counting the sleeps until Santa came.......now I am the only one who changes it or cares how many days I have left to complete my MASSIVE  TO DO  list.

December 8th:- SOMEONE YOU LOVE

hmmm this prompt has me reeling....! Who to pick?!?!?!? Well.... as I love and adore ALL MY CHILDREN EQUALLY...... I decided to pick my dear old HUBBY! but that is a given really and I didn't really like the photo I took of him (he is usually very photogenic!)
Anyway..... I LOVE this little pooch! Molly is the most adorable little dog and my constant shadow! she follows me round ALL day long, shows genuine love and affection even if I glance in her direction! Everyone is the family adores her although Molly's favourites are Christie and Lachlan. (and I loved the arty photo...)