woo hoo

got my little badge yesterday and I can proudly display this on my blog! Must admit I feel a little bit of a fraud! as I haven't really displayed enough or done enough colouring................yet!  stay tuned!!! I am slowly working my way through my stamp sets.... you know how in my previous post I said I wanted to use every set by the end of the year? well, I think I might make that next June! lol  I went through them the other day and I have way too many!
Here is my Aden, proudly displaying his epaulets. He is really enjoying his self at the moment! He has done more flying in the last 4 weeks than he had all last year!  I don't know how he will keep the pace up with his basketball and study as well as the four hours a day travel! (by train! lol) but he is young and the young have boundless energy!



Ange Kelly said...

Woohoo! Congrats luv and happy colouring LOL!

aussiescrapper said...

Oh how gorgeous he looks in his pilots uniform, you must be so proud, but I can imagine I would be a little fearful each time he goes up. I agree re: boundless energy...oh I wish, off to bed now and saw your gorgeous layout in this months SBM way to go girl, hope all is well with you although I know re: the busy side..Love you Melxx