somebody stop the bus I wanna get off!!!!

My life is so busy that I cannot even see my scrap room let alone get IN THERE!!! I am doing lots of teaching atm! And we have an AQUAROBICs classes which are running at the pool and I joined in on Thursday and it was fabulous! and I felt fabulous afterwards too! the good thing is that it is completely PRIVATE and no one there to watch! The Kismet Aquatic Centre is now on facebook with all the details so go and 'LIKE" us and join in if you are in the area (you have to book with Suzanne her number is there)
Along with a few of my teachers Uni schedule changing, I have to take up the slack on some classes! I am in the water sometimes twice a day! I really want to find a PROPER WATERPROOF mascara!! I think I am scaring the kiddies with my panda eyes lol! I have to train the kids not to spit (well not spit but breathe water in my face!)  I sound like I am complaining but I am enjoying it although I want to straighten my hair!.......

anyway...... I am coming to the end (sob sob) of my time with The Pink Elephant next week will be my last challenge!  I have thoroughly LOVED LOVED LOVED being with these girls and this last year has been fabulous, I have learnt so much and (unfortunately for my DH) developed an unhealthy devotion/obsession for copic markers......... my stash is growing fast (no thanks to Di at Scraphaven who keeps ordering more!!!)
anyway I booked in to do a beginner Certified course the other day with Di & Ange oh it was fabulous! I learnt so much and (unfortunately for DH) I want to do the next Intermediate course and get even more markers.........lol  Still I have lots of practice to do before I reach the lofty heights of some.....
We even got a certificate ! I loved it  I have to work out how to get my IPHONE photos (bmp) to a jpeg!! then I could show you our little photo!

and the sponsor this fortnight is Claudia & Co

here is mine.... not a fabulous photo but happy with the colouring....need to keep practicing!!
can you tell I just love Sass pp!???!

take care and enjoy your week end! xx


aussiescrapper said...

Oh wow in the pool 2 times per day, you will be super fit and I had to laugh re: panda eyes. I am scared to try copics in case I love them too much....Melxx

Jennifer said...

GREAT card Angela!! I too will miss being part of TPE! I have also learned sooo much!! (= I have an addiction to many things. Paper, stamps, dies... Just like shoes a girl can never have too many!!! LOL! (=

Helen Kinsela said...

WOW you sure are busy but good on you having a go at the aqua aerobics, it sure is fun isn't it and you feel SO good after. I used to do it (before kids LOL).
Come and say hi at RES and share your talent with us. I am really keen to learn more about copics but I know my bank account wont agree with me :(

Sue Kohler said...

love your card, the colouring is fabulous!! What an amazing background paper, perfectly frames the image! :)

Debbie said...

Cute card! Love the number background!!