The other day, I went and watched my two littlies, Lachlan & Patrick compete at MSAC (Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre) for their interschool swim sports.  I am super proud of them as they haven't been in the water since this time last year and they placed in every event they competed in! They are fit though and have always had good technique so maybe their competitive nature kicked in!

Better start scrapping these ribbons! lucky (for me) I have recorded all their races and times and write on the back of the ribbon too! save the arguments later..........


My lovely friend Alethea (Miss Blog Candy Extraordinaire!!!) gave me this fab award

and the lovely Mel also recently gave me this...

so a HUGE thank you to you both and now apparently I am supposed to tell you 8 things about myself
so here goes:
1. I am terribly short sighted and wear contact lenses.
2. I only like to drink my tea & coffee out of fine bone china mugs (not chunky mugs)
3. I only have a teaspoon of milk in my tea/coffee (I make the kids measure to be sure)
4. I have to sit facing the same direction the car/bus/train/plane is going.
5. I never touch hand rails when going up/down stairs (neither does Mark now!)
6. I always read for a half an hour or a chapter before going to bed/sleep
7. I cannot resist a peppermint aero bar!
8. I was born in England.

well just reading back I reckon I have OCD! lol what a weirdo!

anyway enough of me! well that goes against my blog header hahahahahaha!


Ann said...

Great pics! You need to scrap them!

Congrats on the awards - and don't worry about OCD - we all have a little!

Natalie said...

If I didn't have to hold onto railings I wouldn't either...bad knees make me a bit unsteady :). But I am the mother screaming at her children in public toilets not to touch anything!!! "Hands in the air everyone!!!" Peppermint aero...is there any other?!?!?!
Hope you are well...and good idea about writing on the back of the ribbons...Noah got 3 from his very first swimming carnival the other week.

Sue Kohler said...

what a fabulously exciting post, well done to the boys on their success, good old Mum comes in handy sometime- technique technique technique!!!!
love you answers to the 8 questions, definately an OCD candidate!! I hear ya with the cups, I am the same, but I only drink out of china cups with BIG fruit pictures on them, struggle to drink the cup if it is decorated with small fruit like cherries-lol!!!! at least the girls understand and make the appropriate cup selection!!