22 years of Wedded bliss.....................

well almost!!!! how young and skinny did we look!!! I am not a fan of wedding photos framed and on display but after about 10 or so years.....when we didn't look young skinny and beautiful.... I decided to get the big photo we got for free ENLARGED and framed! hahaha! I crack up when I see this photo! Isn't it funny how you would change almost everything thing you did, (if you had your time over again!)  I think I would change absolutely everything! especially the bridesmaids!I had 4! (ridiculous) I haven't seen one of them since the wedding day and two I haven't had any contact for years and I see my SIL all the time thank goodness~!
I have organised a little surprise for by beloved...... will let you know on Monday......


It's Friday and that means we have a new Fabulous Friday Challenge for you! This is a challenge you are sure to love..... Banners!! We love banners! They seem to be everywhere and with so many varieties, the possibilities are endless!
When all my kidlets were born, their father bought them all a teddy.  All pretty much the same, Christie's was pink and the boys all had blue.  They all loved their teddy and called them 'daddy teddy'  To get Aden and Lachlan to bed, I would (do anything! lol) let them jump in together with their Daddy Teddies and have a bottle (what was I thinking??? peace probably!) as this was 1997 I was pregnant with my 4th so those of you with kiddies........you know what I mean!
They all still have their teddy bears, although a little ragged but much loved.

Our guest Designer this week is Nikki 
and if you join in this week you can win a fabulous kit put together by Debbie, heaps of yummy goodness!!
remember, it doesn't have to be a LO it can be a card or OTP!

go and see what the DT have come up with!


L.B. said...

Congrats on the wedding anniversary and this is a great project!!

aussiescrapper said...

Wow yes you both look gorgeous, and so agree re: the bridesmaids, I had only 2 but so glad 1 was my sister as I don't see the other. Funny hey....How cute are daddy teddies, gorgeous layout my girl, love the trailing numbers and of course the banner. MElxx

Anonymous said...

Love your layout! I also wanted to tell you I received the Stylish Blogger Award from a fellow blogger and I chose your blog to receive it also. Just go to my blog and follow the directions in this post: http://melshappyscrappyplace.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/the-stylish-blogger-award/

Diana said...

Beautiful photo. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I LOVE the LO, love the banner, and that photo is priceless. great story.

ruth said...

Happy Anniversary! We had all our wedding photos and momentos out the other day looking at them. So funny! And fun too. OUr oldest son is getting married this year and my how things have changed.

Super cute layout!

Fern said...

I hear you about the wedding re-do.... I had straight hair, but then I was 18 and that wasn't a priority for me back then... But your photo is beautiful!! And I'm not for sure how you kept you sanity with 4 kiddos... I had 2 and just about went insane!!! lol
Angela, your layout is precious and I love your banner!!! Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs!!!

Carlene said...

This is gorgeous, Angela! So fresh!

I loved reading about your wedding photo lol I know EXACTLY what you mean about changes bits n pieces AND the bridesmaid thing! One of mine I NEVER see and havent in hmmmmmm 9 years and the other is my best friend, Chloe who thankfully I blog with and see all the time!

I am excited to follow you! Your work inspires me :-)

Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

That is such a gorgeous layout! Carlene sent me over here to see it. (lol at your wedding story. I had my cousin as a single bridesmaid... you can't lose family! lol)

Such bright colours. Just my style.