On the third day of Christmas......

I got this in the mail!  my Secret Santa from Scrapz.biz

there is nothing nicer than getting a letter or a parcel and KNOWING it is not a bill! :)
And Lachlan has finished school and will not be returning until Feb 2nd 2010!  OMG that is 2 months off!!!!!!!! obviously the more you pay the less you go!

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aussiescrapper said...

The question that I have always asked also about private schooling, where Nate will be going is a private Catholic School called Sacred Heart in Booval, and they seem to get lots of holidays more than public schools here too.

I love the idea of receiving a package just like that, and the wrapping is just awesome being stamped. Wow Ange wonder what it is? Gotta wait until Christmas now, my girl.