on the sixth day of Christmas.......

Christie, Patrick (only because he had  nothing beter to do!) and I went and saw New Moon.  I will be so ultra busy with the last week of term that I will not have a chance to go and see it before it finishes!  I have read all the books (in about a week) and thoroughly enjoyed the story.  A lot of my friends tsk tsked  me for getting sucked in (lol) by a vampire book but I didn't get that. It is more of a love story and I thought it was extremely well written too!  The same with the Harry Potter books, I wanted to read what all the fuss was about.....hate being out of the loop! and I loved them too!

I did this LO for Scrapbook Divas challenge two.  I used alcohol inks on transparancy paper.  I just love love love working with these inks and definitely will be using them again! I wanted the background to look a little like the colourful Great Barrier Reef. It looks more colourful IRL!


Mistra Hoolahan said...

Your LO is stunning Ange! I love alochol inks as well, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you have made them look here.

I'm a Twilight fan as well... finally got to see New Moon last night, wasn't it FAB! I think they've done the movie very well and true to the book.

aussiescrapper said...

OMG what you did with the alcohol inks looks awesome, and it really does mimick the beautiful corals of the barrier reef. Clever lady.

I am another Twilight fan, I have seen Movie 1 about 3 times and I never usually do that with movies and as yet not seen New Moon but have read the book. I will probably have to wait until it comes to DVD as taking little one may scare him a bit? We'll see. Love your work Ange.