On the 13th,14th & 15th day of Christmas.....

Lachlan, Mark and I went to the city to get some more coffee pods for our cappa machine and Lachlan ONLY wants a PS3 for Christmas (as if..) anyway we got one and he is parting with half of his hard earned.
being the lovely mother I am....I let him open and try it out (just incase there was something wrong with it! lol after 2 days it has been packed up. But he loooves it!

Finally got the Christmas tree on Sunday and after a while Aden picked the tallest one we could find, they were all on the short side this year.  Patrick decided to decorate it for me. After he got all the lights on, he got too bored and left it at that!

On Monday Christie and I started the Christmas shopping and we left early and got back after 6!  my legs were killing me!  I hardly got anything! I am a bit worried that I have left things until the last minute but what the hell there is always money/vouchers!
Patrick spend his leisure time on http://www.yearbookme.com/ (don't bother it has closed until next year)
The first one reminds me of Ritchie Cunningham from Happy Days! lol and check out the last one, I love it.

and today Aden finished the desk he is making Patrick. It just needs a touching up and a coat of varnish! I am so happy with the finished product!

I went to the hairdressers today! I can't believe I found the time but it was in desperate need of some lovin'!  I was going to get it all chopped off (yes Sue!) but I chickened out at the last minute! I did, however, get a good four inches off and really layered at the back.  I am very happy with it and it is a pity I wount be able to replicate the style tomorrow! lol

see ya :)


Mistra Hoolahan said...

Look at you, you gorgeous thing! Hair looks amazing... as does the desk, wow!

We have a PS3, it's been great, we use it to watch movies now {when I get the boys off it}, it takes AVI files and Blueray Disks... fabulous little unit!

aussiescrapper said...

Wow you have been busy my girl, I know the feeling about thinking you may have left something out, I have that same feeling. The desk is just gorgeous, wow does he take orders lol. PS3 is a little beyond Nate (thankfully) probably be up to PS10 by the time he is ready. And wow arn't the pics just priceless. By the way your hair looks amazing and you so totally deserve it. (Sounds like the L'oreal Commercial). I love your tree too. Love Mel