On the second day of Christmas......

I received a lovely envelope in the post! filled with yellow goodness!  A yellow swap from 3AS
gorgeous, cute little things and I cannot wait to use them.

I also received this stunning bouquet of roses from a teacher of mine.  How colourful are they!

I also FORGOT to put up and FILL my advent calendar.  I quilted this calendar about 10 years ago and I have never forgotten to get it ready......usually costs me $50 to fill it up :) and the funny thing is that NONE of the children noticed! anyway KARMA restored and it is up and filled.

And Patrick bagged around 70 bags of lollies for me!  and if anyone reading is a swimming client.....I made him wash his hands first!
Heaps more to go but it will be quicker now as they are sick of eating them.  One in the mouth one in the bag.........

see ya :)

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