Feel a bit sad and lost.....

My favourite site 3AS closed down its forum and gallery! The shop is still open and there is some wonderful goodies you can get at a discount (30% off I think!) I feel a bit like someone has died! I have met some fantastic people through this site and was fortunate to meet them in real life at the retreat. I will keep in touch with them through other ways (facebook & email) but it isn't the same. It was great seeing everyone's work and what they were up to and just chatting with like minded people (most of my friends don't GET it) It was a site that I first found and clicked with straight away, they were always so friendly and not clique like I have heard so many other sites are, great competitions and ideas and so I shall miss them greatly........

Anyway......I shall show a little bit of Phuket! Our arrival into Phuket was stunning, we flew in over all these islands and the scenery was spectacular!
When we arrived we were all given dark grape juice in champagne glasses and cold towels while we registered and the kids thought it was pretty cool. There was a problem with our booking and I was ready to be furious (well about as furious as I can get) I requested connecting rooms with the kids and I wasn't going to compromise on that! Anyway they mumbled something and then said we have upgraded us to a suite! ah ok.......I will see it first before I complain! Well I was impressed so no complaining! We had a beautiful big suite and it was perfect! we also had a separate kitchen/bar and our balcony went right around the corner!

Paddy & I certainly getting into relax mode!
Our first night out for dinner in a foreign country, ready to shock our taste buds with some delicious new and exotic flavours and we went to.........PIZZA HUT!
I will show more later!

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Kris said...

That is really sad.There were some lovely ladies on there.. Might have to go and stalk you on facebook...LOL