a quicky!

don't want to whinge! BUT I have had this headache for at least 2 weeks now and It is driving me crazy! I think it is something sinister BUT I have been known to dramatise things! The doc said to have a head and neck massage and see her in a week. I may have been knocked (more like hip & shouldered by a feral C grade women's basketball team) and that might have done it. Anyway, enough of that!
BLOGGER is being really unreasonable and not letting me move my photos around! Sharon if you are reading this .......WHY??????!!!! I click and drag but it doesn't drag :(
The first photo is of a shadowbox that I completed at the 3AS retreat. Taught by the beautiful Mel Forbes and it is something I have never done before. I have also shown some closeups but they are out of sequence :( The dad's undies is a challenge LO at the retreat. Everyone had the same papers and all the LO were spectacular! and all very different. Christie used to wear her father's underwear around the house all the time (thank goodness she grew out of that one) and the second Lo is one I love of Christie. She had just had her deb makeup done.
Anyway I am going to bed to start the last book in the twilight series Breaking Dawn.
still editing the B*##@y holiday photos. I have a bit of an idea how I am going to do my album. I am really loving LYB traveller range atm. So stay tuned!
see ya :)
PS Good luck DEB XXX

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