Well here goes....

I have a bit of time tonight (well I don't really! but I am so over bookwork and the pool that I am making time to post...lucky you! LOL) I will start at the beginning (for my mum's sake) and that was the Paddy boy came home safely from Canberra! I just love that I have bred little scrappers! Here are a few of the artistic beauties my last born brought me for his album! Do you not just love the lines and the creativeness of these pics and how about that last one of him wistfully looking out the bus window! pure magic!!!!
THEN came my FANTASTIC AWESOME 3AS retreat in Sydney! My lovely friend Naomi (who was going to fly with me but due to work commitments had to take a later flight) ended up MISSING her flight :( Christie took me to the airport and when we got to the check in I was 7kg overweight! (I mean really! WHO is overweight GOING anywhere!!!!) Christie asked the attendant if I could take a few things out and proceeded to open my case and took out all my thickers (you scrappers will know what I am talking about) and HEY PRESTO underweight! I mean those foam suckers are heavy you know!!! (I CAN HEAR YOU LAUGHING FROM HERE DEB!) anyway I got to Sydney airport and I was really nervous and apprehensive about meeting these girls. Sure I have talked to them online and they are all really friendly but I was scared (yeah really) Then I saw the beautiful Deb, smiling and she looked exactly like her avatar, sitting with some other angels, Gail, Mel, Col, Kylie we were using the cafe as a meeting spot. After meeting Heike and Judy we headed off to the retreat.
We weren't allowed to get to our rooms until 5ish so we decided on an early dinner. When we got back Naomi finally arrived, after PAYING for another flight and a bus ride she was surprisingly calm! we got ready to go to the chapel (the room the retreat was held in!) I recognized everyone straight away! It was like catching up with old friends! The classes were brilliant!! such a TALENTED design team! We started off with an acrylic album of 'me' using Theresa Collins papers by DEB MULLINS. This was a brilliantly put together album and I would love to show you BUT I have shoved everything in a room and Naomi has some of my things that I haven't picked up yet :( I will show everything in a later post I promise) after we prepared our shadowbox by the gorgeous MEL FORBES got down and dirty for this one and I was really happy how mine turned out (all the while thinking 'how the hell was I going to get this home!) I think my shadowbox is at Nai's house (I'll get it this weekend Nai!) after that Nai and I were exhausted and decided to call it a night! I know! I left a retreat at a decent hour!! (12.30am) what the hell!
The next day we finished our shadowboxes and started on Heike's card case and cards. Just gorgeous too. I loved how mine turned out and again......I will show! we also had a virtual class by Melleny it was beautiful also although I didn't even get to start that one. I started to get blurred vision so I went for a nana nap for a couple of hours. After dinner we started on our challenge with a pack supplied and let me tell you EVERYTHING we did, every class had EVERYTHING supplied! It was the most generous goody bag! Our table was sooo much fun, Lorraine, Sue, Tracey & Kylie already we a firm facebook friends! All in all, I had a superb time and I met some people I KNOW I will be friends with for a long time!
This is our fantastic table! Tracey, Nai Me Sue Kylie & Loraine at the bottom. I NEED to go on a retreat with Sue (Lady far right) MAN that lady has some STUFF! I would just bring my trimmer and tape and I would be SET!
Nai me and Mel. She is just awesome! What a funny gorgeous girl! Love what she does LOVED spending time with her and Loved our little drink at the airport! wished it was longer!

Jo, myself Nai & Rosy They are the owners of 3AS

The absolutely gorgeous Heike! Wow, I couldn't wait to meet her! This woman is incredible! I am in total awe of her and what she can achieve being the mother of 7 children and always seems so calm! really supportive and friendly to everyone on the forum, All her work is just beautiful and ALWAYS being picked up by some mag! and Deb (maroon scarf) what a beautiful lady I am so happy I got to meet her! We laughed most of the weekend (mostly due to my 7 kilos of thickers) I can't wait to meet her again!

Ellen me & Donna. and below the super talented Nat! My goodness, this girl could write her name on a piece of paper and I would be in awe! I just love how she puts it together! so effortlessly, the colours the photos and I was really happy to meet her in person!

and here she is being a sooky la la because she didn't win the scavenger hunt! (sorry Nat!)

I am surprised I didn't take more photos! For the plane trip home I carried my 15 kilos of paper I DIDN'T use!!! and was just under!!!!

I have misplaced 4GB memory card of my Thai holiday so I will try get back with all the details soon!


Melleny Ams said...

Thank you so much for sharing some photos - it's lovely to see everyone and hear what happened.

Love your holiday pic's too.

Natalie said...

I was really enjoying your post until I got to the end...grrrr...lol. And I had every right to be a 'sooky la la'...one extra sheet of alpha stickers...COME ON!!!! Well, theres my rant...hehehe. Looking forward to your holiday photos...at least I can rest easy that there will be no hideious photos in there!!
Hugs, Nat.

PS. You know I was just as excited to meet you!!!

Deb said...

Hee hee hee hee...yes, I am still laughing about the thickers...everytime from here on in when I see thickers I will think of you. LOVED meeting you too ange...remember Gold Coast next year!

Kris said...

Wow.. it looks like you ladies had an amazing scrap retreat.. everyone looks exactly like they do on the computer.. That is very sad about 3AS closing down..What happened?? Where has everyone gone too?? would love to catch up for a chat again.. Got some new paper scrapped layouts on my blog, not Digi..ha ha ha!!