A little bit of life in between the holiday snaps........

I love this photo Mark took. Everyone else is at the ready and I just don't know what Aden is doing....thinking about the job at hand i'd say.
I thought I'd better get a little life on record before I continue on with the holiday snaps! And I have found my 4 GB SD card you will be happy to know! BUT! when I was looking for a specific photo I noticed that huge chunks of photos were missing and had not downloaded. I
took all the cards to BIG W and had them all burnt onto a cd (just in case) I had to mortgage my house mind you......but at least I have the 400 photos of my kids parasailing!!!!lol My niece also has 2000 photos so I will check hers out too!

In the mean time, Aden tried out for the VIC cross country U18 side on Saturday. He was really happy with his time. (which escapes me atm) He missed out on the actual team but he was a couple of seconds off making the training squad. Ah well something to aim for next year. I don't suppose 2 weeks in Thailand did much for his training program, although he did run in the gym everyday. On another note, the DH had his birthday during the week! A really busy day and we all struggled to find a time when we were all together to sing happy birthday and do his cake! Finally after I got home from basketball and everyone did their training it was 9.30 pm!

I think he had a good day....he is not too fussed on birthdays these days and ah NO I didn't make the cake.

will try and show more holidays snaps soon.

see ya :)

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