Did ya miss me?

I have so much to tell and show! Just got back last night from 2 glorious weeks in Bangkok and Phuket. We had an absolutely brilliant time and I will share....soon. The 3AS retreat was fantastic! They were sooooo generous with their goody bag!! Met all the ladies I "talk" to and they were just beautiful too! My table were funny as! will share about that too......soon. I really NEED to get some work done, the phone has been ringing its bum off since 8 this morning :( back to work eh!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Ange....or should that be 'Bummer you had to come back to reality'? Glad you had a wonderful time...sure beats my past forenight...lol.
Chat soon,

Susanne Perry said...

Hi Ange, ditto to what Nat said although my fortnight hasn't been bad but time in Thailand & Phuket with views like in your photo has to beat a rainy winter on the Central Coast any day!