2 in two days woo hoo!

My biggest baby was 19 on Monday 29th June. Christie went out with all her friends clubbing on the Sunday night in the city and they had all left before I had returned from Sydney (plane was delayed) She woke up not too early,thank goodness as it was the first day of school holidays! But in saying that we WERE going overseas the next day and there was lots to do!!! I dragged her out of bed and shoved her presents in her lap....There were no surprises really as I had bought her the WHOLE range of Rip Curl Tahiti luggage! which she chose and organised the purchase over the net a couple of months ago! she also got the usual 1 kilo of pistachios and 2 family block peppermint (her fav) chocolate. She went out for lunch with Tom and we had a family dinner of Chinese. She got lots of money which she was happy about! (spending moola)
Molly had a feeling something was up and we were going to leave her I think! She crawled into Christie's new carry on bag!
The boys just love Tom (more than Christie I think) they all wanted to be in a photo with Tom and at the last minute Aden pushed Christie out of the way. It was funny....
Sorry about the photos... I am still playing around with my camera. Bear with me. When I have some time (!!!?!!!) I am going to enrol in a photography course. It is on my bucket list! Still looking for my 4GB card and after looking at my photos I noticed one that I was looking for in particular wasn't downloaded. I looks like the computer has missed blocks of 38 and 22 photos. I think the SD card may be corrupt and the puta is showing some photos as a torn in half icon. I might go to BIG W and print the whole lot..........1978 photos @ 19 hmmmm $375.82 well maybe not! seeing as 400 of them were parasailing and the hotdog!

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