It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I feel really unorganised this year compared to most years! I have made a bit of a list for everyone I have to buy for but I cannot think of a thing for my children. I have told them to make a list for Santa (he he) but they don't really seem to be bothered! We put the advent calendar up on Sunday night and I filled it with all the goodies. and we have a few Chrismassy things around, but until I finish working, I can't get IN THE ZONE!
Christie rang me again last night. "Mum, I cleaned the whole apartment and THEY just sat around and WATCHED!" (my stomach hurts from laughing!) AND I've spent so much money already! welcome to my world princess! Anyway she is having a great time with no dramas SO FAR!

This is my Aden when he was two! That kid had the WORST temper and would let you know when he wasn't happy! I remember snapping this photo, he was giving his father a mouthful because he wouldn't let him film his cousins naming ceremony! little toad! Using the MF little boy range.
anyway off to do my banking now see ya :)

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