The babies are here and ready to go...

The tanks have arrived and they are huge! We have two and they hold 31,700 litres and that is (7000 gallons for the o/s people) Mark and Aden spent 2 days prepping the area and moving the tanks. They were stuffed by the end of it. Now we just have to connect the pipes and pray for rain! (Or as Christie thinks.........pray it falls on the tanks so they can fill up!)
Patrick finished his last day of Grade five the other day and he is so pleased he is going to be HEAD OF THE SCHOOL next year! His Nana has bought him a pair of Nike Airforce ones in a funky purple and he was a bit nervous about them (coz Lachlan said they are gay!) he had a choice to go with a boring white or the funky purple. Christie and I talked him into the purple as they suit his personality. Anyway, I let him wear them on the last day of school ( I am SUCH a cool mum letting a Xmas present be used BEFORE Christmas!) and all the kids at school loved them ! (phew). Patrick gave his reindeer poo (ANOTHER MELL IDEA I'VE COPIED) it was such a hit and the best present (I've heard) I think anything with wee poo bum boobs and 10 year old boys (or older for that matter) would be a hit!

3AS had a secret Santa swap and I received this lovely present. I have been wanting an 'A' for ages and when scrap shopping always put it back thinking I would get it next time! very happy with the prezzie just love it. I sent mine and I don't now how secret we should be but I might load it later (just in case she is reading!!!!)
Christie took the boys bowling last week and while they were there, they secretly went and got a Santa photo for me! I was so rapt, as they have been carrying on that they are too old! This is the reason I started scrapping! I wanted to artistically display every years Santa photo! I only have one more page in my album! We usually make a day of it and all have lunch and then I buy something little of them (highly unusual for me as once you have your birthday every conceivable thing gets wrapped for Christmas! must be getting soft......)
last year when they carried on, I said you can stand there with your arms folded and not smile, I DON'T care as long as I get my Santa photo! anyway they (well the two younger ones) did silly things and Aden just smiled (what a good boy) and Christie......well she did what comes naturally when there is a camera around and posed!!!! I am hearing ya girl! NEVER make yourself ugly for the camera! My lovely craft friends and I went out for brekkie on Sunday. As we were all so busy we knew we couldn't fit in a dinner. It was so nice to be able to sit and relax for 5 minutes and catch up as well as eat a super yummy breakfast! I had the eggs Benedict and it was delicious, the other girls all had pancakes and although they all agreed it was fantastic, they all didn't finish......

Don't you just love this t-shirt! Aden bought it for Christie, but I love it and have pinched it!

Blogger is being really disagreeable today and won't let me load any photos so I shall edit this later and load them after. My computer is being really slow so that might be the reason. Good excuse to get off and get the last minute things done!
see ya :)

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Sharon said...

I love reading your blog Ange! You're just hilarious and that shirt just cracks me up! And love that the kids went and got you a Santa photo! I can't even get my two near Santa these days so haven't done that for a year or so with them...it's a shame but one day they might sit on his lap again!