It's been a while...

Since I was last on but I will make up for it now. I haven't been able to scratch myself I have been that busy! anyway grab a cuppa coz this post will be a doosy!
Firstly, we all feel sick because we had to bag up 300 odd bags of lollies for the swim kids and everyone who "helped" shoved one in the mouth and one in the bag! No wonder I have to buy twice as much! I let them go for the first half an hour and then they feel sick and wont eat any more, but the trouble is they don't feel like bagging any more! I had to buy a plastic bag sealing machine because the HORRIBLE man at the confectionery shop wouldn't lend me his for an hour! He was being very disagreeable with everything! He had lent it to me for the past 16 years anyway I WON'T be purchasing my lollies FROM HIM ever again.
We have done all our testing and the certificates are also printed and ready to go. I have received some beautiful presents from people. Yellow champagne (MY FAV!!!) and these sherry filled plumb puddings in a beautifully decorated box...so appreciated! Patrick & I polished off 80% of them before any one else got home! Another fantastic pressie I received from a super talented lady Sue (she gives the best handmade presents & cards! regularly published in Stamping & Papercrafts and another mag I can't think of ATM) Get going on that BLOG Sue !this fabbo chocolate box. The ribbon pulls the choc out of the box! ingenious and simple and I love it! Watch out friends I will be reproducing this!!!!

For my students, I made this little folding lolly bag and filled with favourites choccies. My private lesson students, I made felt bags and filled them with bits'n'pieces.

Patrick has been assigned his KK (Kris Kringle) and wanted to leave little surprises each day on his desk. We punched out gold circles and I had to write from your KK as we didn't want him to 'recognise' Paddy's writing! Patrick has decided he wants to go with the Reindeer Poo as his present! (Malteases' in a jar) Mell from 3AS had done one and it looks brilliant and the boys think It is especially funny! I will show a photo when Patrick makes it!.
Finally put the tree up! It was standing there bare for 3 days as I just didn't have the time to decorate and no-one was home to do it either. Paddy had enough and asked to do it! I think he did a wonderful job! especially untangling the lights! (ugg) Our angels on top of the tree are one Aden made in Prep 1998 I love it and Patrick made the other one in Prep 2003 and I love the face on this one! Can't seem to get a good picture of the tree atm as still working out the camera and all its settings and I can't find the tripod! and there is a flash of lights in one spot! looks hilarious!
On Sunday, we went to our annual POA picnic with Mark's high school friends and it was a beautiful day. The boys played cricket and had a run around, it was really great to catch up with them all. Not too many attended this year and I suggested we go out for dinner next year. Sometimes that Sunday before Christmas it too precious to sit around in a park all day. (?)
Christie returned home from Queensland yesterday, very tired and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She stayed up there a few extra days and visited my parents ( Hi Mum!).

Patrick did his last stroke correction class last night and swam 100 metres WITH his clothes on and then tread water for 10 minutes and then swam 200 metres without a rest! He was exhausted by the end of it. I was too just watching him!
My foot is still killing me! I cannot walk STILL! I am going to have to go back to the Dr's and get it sorted out. So painful!

Well that is it for the moment. Jen, Caz & Lynda sorry for being a crap friend this term! Will contact you soon & we will have a Chrissy dinner!

I WILL rejoin the land of the living NEXT WEEK!

take care


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