Grade 5/6 excursion

Yesterday I went on Patrick's excursion to MSAC (Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre) The children has a blast! They spent the whole day there and had a few activities to keep them busy. Huge slides and inflatable walkways and of course the wave pool! I felt a bit useless as they had staff there overseeing all the children so all I could do was sit and watch. Although Patrick loved having me there, I could have done with the time as I have done NO shopping yet and starting to get a little nervous...........
We are clearing the back of the car park for the arrival of our new babies...........our water tanks. Trouble is......it has done nothing but rain since we have started organising them! Once they are in, guaranteed WON'T rain until Feb!

Just posting this picture of my Molly coz she is so cute! and I can!
better stop procrastinating and get moving! see ya :)

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