Aww for me?......you shouldn't have!

I arrived home yesterday to this magnificent display on my doorstep along with a huge box of chocolate macadamias! I was soooo excited! who would be sending moi flowers!!??? raced...well as much as the tendinitis will allow....hobbled to the front door and they are for MARK!!! what THE! thanks Mark from Bette. They are stunning and look a lot bigger than the photo.
This is Sassafras Lass papers. A LO of Christie when she was eight. Seems like forever ago! The journalling is just a few of her likes dislikes and friends and info about her when she was 8.
Another page from my flip book! I am lovin' it!

Short and sweet today I have to go and bag 350 packets of lollies! before Mark gets home because it's one in the bag one in the mouth!

Hey who is Bette?

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Sharon said...

Ange, you crack me up! Now did you find out who this Bette is! Must have done a great plumbing job somewhere along the line! Just be careful as my Mark was a plumber who plumbed a little too much at someone's house and look where he ended up!!