More January Photo a Day....

 13.1.13 Circle

Sometimes its really hard doing nothing all day....... there is only so much sunbathing, walking, eating, reading and relaxing you can take.....lol  Today we went to the main city centre and had a browse and of course lunch and most importantly.....I bought some more internet! I have gone over my plan with the stupid searching for internet and I am lost!! I told Hubby I needed to get my work emails....... Lol  he wasn't fooled.

14.1.13 Something Yellow

Christie bought me this water bottle to encourage me to drink more water. It holds a litre (1 quart) and it seems to be working. I sip from it all day and I only go through one fill up so far but getting better.

15.1.13 An ordinary moment

I love relaxing and reading my books and relaxing.....

16.1.13 Two things

After all the relaxing and late nights, sometimes a nanna nap is required. Look at those DIRTY FEET!!!

17.1.13 Ready

Well after a while, the relaxing and champagning and cheese plattering and relaxing and nanna napping will come back to bite you.......I'm READY to get back in shape....

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