DECEMBER photo a day...

Sorry for the delay.... I've had very limited internet.............OH MY GOODNESS!!! I couldn't cope!!! I have realised that I am just a little bit addicted to the WWW!

I need to have a good hard look at myself and do what I did with the kids when they were little (and listened to me...) and ban myself or restrict access!  I'll let you know how that goes....

anyway here are the last days of DECEMBER.

27th December:- HOW YOU RELAX

Sitting in my craft room would be my ideal way to relax, but there is always something that needs cleaning, hanging out, dusting, paying or sorting that is FAR more important than me spending countless hours having fun...... Another way I like to relax is have a nice glass of champagne  or two with my friends!

28th December:- COLD

My Mother in Law makes the most delicious Pavlova, cheesecake, trifle and biscuits well basically everything really!  I wish I could cook/bake like her ( and so does my family) but I hate cooking and I don't really want to invest any time to learn either really so I will just enjoy eating instead.

29th December:- HOT

nothing more to say really.......

30th December:- Something that made you smile

Another friend turned 50 recently, and she had a theme of DISCO for her party. I immediately thought there was NO WAY my husband would dress up and initially, he was adamant he wasn't going to!  I ordered some accessories from EBAY, a wig and moustache and he was happy to wear it and looked the part.  I went with the Cindy Lauper look complete with leg warmers, leather fingerless gloves and tutu.  I even crimped my hair!!!  We had a fabulous night and looking  back I love this photo!


I hate photos of myself and I am extremely critical....... I have edited this with a lovely warm filter from Photo toaster...... gives me a nice glow eh?!

I've decided to join in again for JANUARY 2013 
here are the prompts if you want to join in

1st January 2013:- TODAY 

I celebrated last night with friends and I was so happy all my children were with me!! For the first time in a while, we were all together and I was so happy!!!  We played a few games and time went really quickly.  We made our way over to the beach to watch the fireworks bring in the new year and they were fabulous.  A relatively early night for me.....  I had a little chuckle to myself that I remembered to take a picture of the clock as I was hopping into bed! 

2nd January 2013:- NEW

Well this is NEW for me....... At our van we have no bathroom facilities......I know I'm married to a plumber........  Every morning I trek to the toilet block 80 metres down the road, but before I leave the van, I put a tracksuit and look somewhat respectable.  TODAY, the first time in 10 YEARS  I walked down there in my PYJAMAS!!!! and when I came back  I sat and read the paper and had my coffee STILL IN MY PJ'S!!!  Hubby was staring at me in disbelief as he couldn't believe I'd done it!! So that is my NEW for today....and I probably won't ever do it again.

3rd January, 2013:- Heart

Had a late lunch and drinks at a cafe by the beach with friends today.  They brought their small son with them and he spotted a heart shaped shortbread biscuit that he wanted.  I told him I needed to take a picture of it before he ate it!! lol

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